生活了. 生活经验丰富.

如果你想找个人, 知识, 还有社交挑战,还有你的résumé上的特色, the IU 荣誉项目 will enhance both your undergraduate experience and your post-graduation prospects.


  • Experience a selection of unique classes and seminars that dive deeper into engaging topics in a small-section, 多学科设置
  • 参与社区的课程和服务学习活动和项目
  • Develop friendships and working relationships with students and faculty from a wide range of majors and disciplines
  • 每学期优先注册课程
  • 荣誉顾问, including additional references/recommendations for internships and graduate school applications
  • 荣誉委员会在春季荣誉大会上颁发的成就证书
  • 学生成绩单上有荣誉课程和完成荣誉课程的记录
  • 毕业典礼项目对完成荣誉项目的大四学生的认可


My time as an honors student allowed me to branch out into other disciplines and become a well-rounded student. My classes allowed me to explore topics I would not otherwise have been able to and exposed me to many new ideas. If you enjoy learning, you will have a great time being a part of the IU honors community!


作为一个计划上法学院的学生,我进入了本科阶段, I knew that I needed to find a school that would teach me how to think 至关重要的ly and research effectively. The 荣誉项目 has provided me with opportunities to utilize research strategies that I am learning in the classroom to investigate topics that genuinely interest me. 我为法学院做好了准备.



The Immaculata大学 荣誉项目 embodies and promotes the highest ideals of an Immaculata education. 受到酒店魅力和大学使命的启发, 荣誉课程提供充满活力的教育,聚焦于“生活的检验”的主题, 生活经验丰富."根植于人文传统, the 荣誉项目 cultivates examination of the experience of personhood and community; develops creative, 独立的, 至关重要的, and responsive thinking; nurtures leadership and service for the common good; fosters cross-cultural dialogue and awareness; and facilitates a community dedicated to multi-disciplinary scholarship. The 荣誉项目 pursues these goals within the context of a learning community marked by peer support and vibrant social interaction.



  • Demonstrate an understanding of key texts and ideas within the Liberal Arts tradition that illuminate personhood and community in the following disciplines: 历史, 文学. 哲学、神学和社会科学
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify, clarify, and resolve 知识, ethical, and social problems
  • 使用多学科方法设计和进行高质量的研究
  • 通过口头、视觉、数字和书面方式进行有效沟通
  • 与他人有效地合作以实现共同的目标
  • 了解当地和全球社区之间的相互依赖关系


大一新生: Invitations to the honors program are extended to high school students who meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • SAT成绩1160分或更高;
  • 高中平均绩点3.50或同等
  • 高中前20%的学生

高中平均成绩低于3分的学生.5 may self-nominate and apply to the 荣誉项目 Committee for acceptance into the program.

第一学期新生和第二学期新生: 第一学期大一新生和第二学期大一新生谁得了3分.累积平均绩点5也将被邀请进入该项目. Students who wish to enroll in the honors program but whose cumulative GPA falls slightly under a 3.5 may self-nominate and make formal application to the 荣誉项目 Committee for acceptance into the program.

转学: Invitations are extended to freshman and sophomore-level transfer students who have completed 24 credits with a GPA of 3.50. Students who have completed fewer than 24 college credits must meet the same criteria as first-time freshman applicants. Honors courses completed at other institution (with at least a B average) will be accepted for credit in the Immaculata荣誉项目.

转学学生(提前获得学分进入印第安纳大学): Students who transfer into Immaculata in their junior year and who have little chance of completing the formal honors program will be invited into the 国会荣誉, 附属荣誉计划. 荣誉代表大会的会员资格使学生可以学习所有的荣誉课程, 项目, 课外活动, 优先注册课程.



  • FYE 110:荣誉第一年经验(3 cr.)
  • 英语117:荣誉作文.)
  • 英语299:高级作曲(3cr ..)*
  • HON 401:荣誉研讨会(3 cr ..)**


*额外的荣誉选修课可以取代英语299, 由荣誉课程主任决定

**HON 401 requires completion of a guided research project and presentation of that research at a subsequent public academic forum (usually the SEPCHE Honors Conference). In the event a student is unable to complete HON 401 in the fall of their third or fourth years, HON 400可以满足该要求, 与指导教师协调完成的独立研究项目. HON 401的研究报告要求也适用于HON 400.

* * *在特殊情况下, a Student Generated Honors Option (SGHO) may allow a students to engage in guided research within a core course or a course required by their major. Coordinated with the support of the course instructor and approved by the Honors Subcommittee, the SGHO allows students to pursue more in-depth study within the framework of a larger course. 要求学生通过SGHO完成荣誉课程要求, 在选修SGHO课程之前的学期, to consult with the course instructor and develop an abstract/proposal for the guided research (contact the 荣誉项目 Director for details). The SGHO Abstract must be submitted for review and decision to the 荣誉项目 Subcommittee at least four weeks prior to the semester in question. 此选项仅适用于初级/高级荣誉项目的学生, 每个荣誉课程学生只能完成一个SGHO课程.

The following table provides a suggested sequence for how to complete the program in a three-year sequence. 然而, individual scheduling needs and course offerings will at times vary the sequence. It is possible to complete the program in three years or extend completion into a fourth year.

  • 第一年(9学分)
    • 秋季:ENG 117, FYE 110
    • 春季:英语299或选修HON
  • 第二年(6学分)
    • 秋天:鸿选修
    • 春季:英语299或选修HON
  • 第三学年(3学分)
    • 秋天:亲爱的401


四年级荣誉课程: Many students will complete the honors program by the end of junior year; therefore, 第四年提供充足的时间来完成校外学习项目, 学生教学, 高级研讨会论文, 等. 然而, 如果学生在三年级没有完成荣誉课程, 他们可以在大四继续学习荣誉课程


进入荣誉代表大会的要求:累计获得3分.5 GPA,并向荣誉课程小组委员会提交正式申请.


Formal induction into the 荣誉项目 and 国会荣誉 will occur during Immaculata’s annual CUS 荣誉项目s.


Students in the 荣誉项目 and members of 国会荣誉 are required to maintain a 3.5累积平均绩点.

如有需要,学生可以自由退出荣誉课程. 如果学生的平均成绩低于3分,他/她将被留校察看.5. Probation will be lifted on a case-by-case basis by the dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies in conjunction with the 荣誉项目 Committee. 在成绩单上获得荣誉课程完成的认可, 优等生毕业时的平均成绩必须达到3分.5 or greater; if a student falls below that GPA but has earned a GPA of 3.荣誉课程5分或以上, 荣誉课程委员会可能会根据具体情况批准例外.


课程说明可在课程名称后的系内找到. 课程定期更换或增加.


  • CCS 335 HON:全球研究
  • 媒体与爱情
  • COM 338 HON:政治沟通
  • ECO 313 HON:伟大的经济辩论
  • 教育291 HON:学校和社会
  • 英格216汉:世界文学
  • ENG 330 HON:扭曲的姐妹:Brontës
  • FNU 213 HON:当前营养问题
  • h214 HON:难民
  • HIST 300/PSY 300 HON:大屠杀
  • 数学223亲爱的:上帝,宇宙, & 数学
  • 默斯300汉:表演艺术中的女性
  • PHI 314 HON:亚洲思想
  • PHI 341 HON:神话和道
  • PSY 327 HON:积极心理学
  • SOC 360 HON:文化和性别
  • 《巴黎人官方登录》
  • 《巴黎人官方登录》



  • Students are recognized and receive certificates of achievement at the spring honors ceremony;
  • 学生可以在春季和秋季优先注册;
  • HON列在学生成绩单上的课程编号之前;
  • Completion of the honors program or honors congress is noted on the student’s transcript.